The biggest milestone achieved over the years is perhaps in the way deaf youth are now being viewed by the industry. Initially industry was not open to the idea of employing deaf youth fearing work slow-down, communication hassles or simply not being aware of their capabilities. However, today the situation is different. One success story after another has helped in breaking a lot of myths about deaf youth. The quality and job oriented trainings at NDS have ensured that the youth have the skills that are needed to add value at the work place. We are actively engaging with the industry to build sensitivity and to raise awareness about the Deaf youth through workshops, mentoring programs, collaborative industrial training, employee volunteering and Indian Sign Language Orientation.

We also conduct intensive pre-employment training where the Deaf youth are given an orientation on the work profile, life skills and work ethics training, family counselling, building contextual work-place vocabulary and exposure to the work areas.

With the right skills, a more aware industry and systematic processes to facilitate employment, NDS has been able to change industry perspective and today deaf youth are being looked upon as a capable pool of human resource.
Over 1450 of our students are working in diverse fields such as Information Technology, Graphic Designing, Data Entry, Retail, Hospitality, Export Houses and Packaging among others.

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