Facilities & Services

Post Placement Services

Our main endeavor is to employ the deaf youth in mainstream jobs. It is hence our responsibility to provide them with productive and committed deaf youth. This requires skill development, pre-employment training, conducting interviews, on-the-job training, regular feedback sessions and refresher training for advancement of skills within the job profile.

Mid-day Meal

Wholesome and a hygienic meal goes a long way for the students who are attending non-stop training at NDS from morning to evening. These students travel long distances to access training here and it becomes critical for us to support them with a decent meal.

Shelter and Scholarship

NDS offers accommodation for girls on a sharing basis. It is supervised and safe.

Scholarships are given to the needy students who stay away from home and the family is not economically sound to support them.

Family Counselling

NDS holds regular sessions with the parents and their deaf children . This helps bridge the gap which exists due to lack of communication and understanding of their needs and exclusion from the family.

Sign Language Session for Corporate

We have over 200 employers for the deaf youth. And the smooth integration has been facilitated by NDS conducting Indian Sign Language sessions for the employers who are directly dealing with the deaf employees. This not only encourages, but also gives a sense of inclusion in the work environment for the deafyouth.

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