Ruma Roka was a homemaker restless to find a mission and meaning to life. One day she came across a woman interpreting the News on National TV in Sign Language. She was deeply intrigued by the use of hands for communication and decided to learn Sign Language. In 2004, she completed her course in Sign language and it opened up her life to a community that had been sidelined for years from education and employment.

There were complex issues facing the Deaf in the country such as lack of education facilities, dearth of resources customized for the Deaf and hardly any avenues for holistic development. And most importantly there was no access to quality training leading to sustainable livelihood.


To address some of these issues Ruma started an organization called Noida Deaf Society (NDS) in 2005. In the early days of NDS, with just five students, Ruma was operating alone and took actions on multiple fronts to understand the social environment of the deaf community as well as establish her own beliefs on the approach to empower them using sign language.

Through word of mouth the organization started growing and has today impacted over 5000 students. Our goal is to enable the complete integration of the Deaf children and youth into the mainstream through education and specialized vocational programs leading to meaningful employment.