Volunteering is an important part of our organization. We encourage and appreciate anybody who can share their knowledge and skills for the benefit of our students.
Communication being a barrier- It is beneficial if the volunteer could learn some basic Sign Language for easier interaction. It is an opportunity for any individual interested, to pay back to society in a small way for a noble cause.

Individual Volunteering
1. Connect us in your network: Get us in touch with your network who will be open to employing our deaf candidates
2. Learn Sign Language with us and share your knowledge through Presentations with our trainers or students
3. Help us in creating a resource bank:
     i) Help us with clicking pictures of our Training Programs and other projects
     ii) Write stories of change which will be shared on our website for the world to see

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES have been a vital part of our volunteer program. In the past companies like Barclays, Adobe, Shanghri-La, Tech Mahindra foundation have visited with their employees who have spent the day with our students through various activities.

Following are some of the ideas that:
1. We can create a volunteer calendar where activities can be planned throughout the year on major festivals and occasions
2. Invite deaf students in your office for an exposure visit and let them see what all work happens in your company
3. Celebrate Holi/Diwali/Christmas among other festivals with our students
4. Share your own ideas of volunteering with us

Activity Description
Mentoring our students Employment is our core objective at NDS. Volunteer can share about the industry needs with our students, give them inputs on professionalism, work ethics, job vs career, growth path, and soft skills required to sustain a job
Advanced Training In MS Office Applications The volunteer can give take sessions on advanced functions for applications such as MS Excel and Power point
Data Entry Volunteer can assist the team at NDS with data entry work
Communication Material Volunteer can help us with our communication material, e.g., brochure, newsletter, success stories, etc.
Job Placements Volunteer can help NDS with contacts for employment opportunities with various companies and business houses for our students
Fundraising Volunteers can help us with fundraising.
Mapping Industry Needs Volunteer can look at various industries and help us map areas where the Deaf can fit in well looking at profiles where the work is of a repetitive nature and there is no customer/guest interface required

Mathew Zacharia from NIIT has been mentoring our DTP and Graphic Design Students

Neeraj Aggarwal, Project Director, Affirmative Action, The NIIT has been mentoring the team

Employees from Deloitte taking a workshop in advanced Microsoft Excel             

Barclays Shared Service Team conducting a skilling session on ‘Banking’      

Shiwani Khanna has been conducting classes for General Knowledge in Sign Language     

Merlyn takes Arts and Crafts classes for Primary Level Students                                

Team Leaders from Mphasis training our students for the industry in backend IT operations

HR Team from American Express taking a session on industry requirements

Sai Samiti, providing us with Mid Day Meal for our students

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”Kahlil Gibran