Training of the Trainers

Training of the Trainers is a specialized training program conducted for our deaf trainers/school teachers before they join Noida Deaf Society as professional
trainers. It takes months of rigorous training which includes – soft skills, work ethics, personality development and training in subjects according to their specific
skill sets. The students take a lot of pride and are deeply motivated studying from a deaf trainer coming from their community, who can understand their daily
struggles better.

Under our Deaf School Empowerment Project, our trainers are sent across different government deaf schools to teach Indian Sign Language to hearing teachers
and break their stereotypes pertaining to the deaf community. Learning Indian Sign Language enables these teachers to understand and communicate with their
students more effectively.

Remedial Education

A special afternoon program for school going deaf children. The focus of this program is to bridge the gaps in the education system for the deaf students and
develop core life skills. Through this project, these school going students from classes IV to XII would be able to develop better learning capability in different
subjects and enhance interest in formal curriculum.

Remedial Education supports these students in providing education in important subjects like Maths, English, EVS, Personality Development and Indian Sign
Language. Students are being taught through Educomp, it improves teacher effectiveness and productivity in the class, making learning an enjoyable experience
for the students.

Foundation Program

An entry level course for new students with very limited prior learning or slow development. These students are given individual attention to develop basic
vocabulary in Indian Sign Language and Communication Skills.

Primary Education for Deaf Children

Realizing that the best way to develop capable young adults is to instill learning and education in the formative years, Ruma also started a Primary School
for Deaf Children and today The NDS Primary Wing has 75 children from the age group of 5 to 15 getting formal education from Nursery to Class IV. These
students are coming primarily from Noida, Delhi and Ghaziabad and mostly belong to economically weaker sections of the society

The classes are graded based on skills and not age. We follow the Bi-Lingual method of teaching educational content and core life skills, giving the children a
strong first language i.e. Sign Language. This language then becomes the mode of communication and also a medium for teaching other subjects.


An initiative of Noida Deaf Society that aims to impact deaf young adults in 2 tier / 3 tier cities. The aim of this program is to:

  • Promote Indian Sign Language in schools through Training of the Trainer program. This would change the student teacher interactions in the deaf schools and lead to real educational development. Noida Deaf Society would do this through partnerships with Government Deaf Schools, National and State Level Deaf Organizations and other Institutes working in the disability space.
  • This program would also reach out to students in the deaf schools and teach enabling programs such as Basic English Literacy and Indian Sign Language (ISL). A sound base in language skills among the children will help improve their performance in school and will enable them to access knowledge.
  • The process of mainstreaming them would be less complex if they have acquired the right skills in their initial years. Keeping this in mind we conduct Sign Language Session for the hearing teachers of these deaf schools, who in turn would teach the students using Sign Language.
  • The need of the hour being employment for students who have completed their schooling and there are many such youth who are unable to move to the bigger cities for employment. Through this program, Noida Deaf Society would also be conducting short-term trainings for work-place ethics and soft skills and would be facilitating employment in their home towns itself.