Vocational Training

Noida Deaf Society conducts market-aligned trainings keeping in mind our vision to mainstream deaf youth. We are pioneers in developing customized curriculum designed for easier comprehension through visual-aids. These trainings are conducted by Deaf trainers, who not only fulfil a much needed gap of role models but are efficient teachers as well.

Indian Sign Language

The uniqueness at Noida Deaf Society is the training of all our students in Indian Sign Language. Deaf people are natural signers and at NDS, we streamline their natural communication in sign language through structured lesson plans. This course forms the very basis of learning for the students and once they have achieved better vocabulary, comprehension and free flowing communication in Sign Language, they are able to join other training programs.

English Communication

Owing to the prevalent focus on speech and oralism in the deaf schools, students are unable to understand the content being taught in the classrooms. On evaluation, students who come to NDS for the first time have a vocabulary of mere 40-50 words. We start by developing their vocabulary to 200-250 words and be able to make simple sentences. At a later stage, the students are also taught the complexities of English grammar usage in the written form to be able to communicate in the mainstream world – at the workplace or in everyday situations.

Microsoft Office

Noida Deaf Society has developed a specialized curriculum for MS Office which helps build basic IT Skills of students in Word, Excel and Internet. The curriculum was developed keeping in mind the visual capabilities of the deaf community, using PowerPoint Presentations to cater the needs and challenges of the students. At the end of the course, the students are put through evaluation exam and are certified by The NIIT Foundation.

Key Boarding Skills (Levels 1, 2 and 3)

For the deaf youth, many have never seen a computer before or never had an opportunity to learn computer skills. This program is a precursor to the MS Office Course and gives them basic understanding of computers and develops the hand eye coordination and practice on the keyboard

Networking and Hardware

A+ certification, a pioneering and professional course made accessible to the deaf youth at NDS where they are taught about different components of a personal computer (PC), operating systems in a PC, installation of hardware devices, troubleshoot windows OS, and network communications and internet technologies.

Data Entry Operations

This course is focused on the needs of the back-end operations of the BPO Industry and the possibilities of job opportunities for the youth. The students are taught advance excel which entails various formula, pivot table, VLOOKUP, Advance Word and PowerPoint.

Mobile Repair

The purpose of introducing this program was to hone the skills of the learners for the booming mobile market and the possibility of entrepreneurship initiatives. As deaf students come to Noida Deaf Society with different capacities, some of them not having the skills to fit into mainstream jobs or workplace.

Beauty Culture

Beauty Culture Course is offered to interested individuals not only with the purpose of personal grooming but also to provide them with an opportunity to enhance their earning capability. It is a three months short-term course where the students are given hands- on -experience on beauty parlour rituals such as threading, waxing, facials, manicure and pedicure.


Tally is taught to the students to give them a basic understanding of Finance. Basic concepts of Tally are useful for the students to gain insight into the world of finance and accounting. Tally is used to record all financial related transactions and to check profit and loss in a company.


The classes are held keeping in mind the curious minds of our deaf students. Their isolation in the physical world is mitigated when the world of web opens up for them. The course trains the students in browsing the web, creating email ids, using Google search, video calling, ticket booking and cloud sharing.

Educomp Smart Classes

Educomp Smart Classes is a K12 multimedia curriculum that leverages technology to teach children through visuals and digital modules covering multiple subjects such as Hindi, English, Environmental Science and Maths; making it far more interactive and comprehensible. We use the Smart Class content to enhance the learning of the youth.

Pre- Employment Training and Workplace Ethics/ Core Soft Skills

Noida Deaf Society has made life-skill training an integral part of all the programs. The life-skill training focuses on developing a sense of self and creating a positive vision of the future through developing inherent strengths. An important part of the training is also to train them in work place ethics.

Competitive Exam Preparation

This course is specifically designed to help students in various government exam preparations. The program comprises of: Series, Classification, Coding Decoding, Permutation And Combination Of Letters, Arranging In Order, Analogy, Trends, General Intelligence & Reasoning, Average, Symbol Substitution, Fractions, Percentage, HCF And LCM, Calendar and Clock.

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